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How can teens meet with God face-to-face? Teens need to experience God actively, firsthand–in a way that relates to their lifestyle and how they communicate. ENCOUNTER™ brings teens the message of the Bible and relates spiritual truths to the world around them.

Every week, ENCOUNTER™ curriculum provides a complete, four-step lesson plan. Each step contains two options, allowing the teacher to choose from activities best suited to his or her teens. Options include “hands-on” activities like drama, art, and games as well as intellectually engaging research, reporting, and discussion. Student pages from the student books and video, audio, and posters from the resource packet equip teachers to easily lead activities while allowing students to participate fully. Read more.

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On occasion, a three-month period will have and extra Sunday. Such is the case for the 2014 Summer quarter. To accommodate this event, we are giving you the June 1, 2014 lesson free of charge. <CLICK HERE>

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Teaching Encounter Curriculum: Preparing a Lesson

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